Roxboro Trip – c.1964

Our family went to Roxboro, NC, probably during the summer of 1964. We took my grandfather, Charlie Slaughter, along with us.

After we got to Roxboro, we went to Depot Street and then out of town on the Mountain Road towards Allensville. We stopped along the road where it was cut through rock, and my father took pictures of my brother, Arthur, and me. We were just off the shoulder of the road, but it looked like we were in the mountains.

One of the places we visited was Mill Creek Baptist Church and the cemetery. My father took all the photos. My grandfather pointed out the tombstones of relatives and told us about them.

We also went to visit Aunt Rachel and Uncle Offie. The last photo below is my brother and I in their driveway.











The tombstone is for my great-great-grandfather, Jacob Glover Slaughter. The cemetery was full of trees, and there was little grass back then. Now all the trees are gone, and the whole cemetery is covered in grass.








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