David and Christine Rodgers Interviews

In 1970, David W. Rodgers and his wife, Christine Slaughter Rodgers (my father’s 1st cousin), interviewed my grandfather’s sister, Rachel Slaughter, and my grandfather’s brother’s wife and grandfather’s 1st cousin, Ethel Slaughter. On September 24, 1975, they did a further interview with Rachel Slaughter.

I have divided the two hours of tape into short clips, so I can explain what they’re about. Also, Aunt Rachel and Aunt Ethel were both old, so they were a little difficult to understand, especially Aunt Rachel, as her voice wavered a lot.

Aunt Rachel was born February 4, 1881, and Aunt Ethel was born September 5, 1883. Aunt Rachel’s parents were Nuptial Blair “Tonch” Slaughter and Martha Ann Hicks. Aunt Ethel’s parents were William Thomas “Billy” Slaughter and Mildred Booker Clark. Nuptial was my great-grandfather, and Uncle Billy was his brother. Aunt Ethel was married to her first cousin, Sylvanus Toppin “Vanus” Slaughter. Aunt Rachel never married.

Here is one clip of Aunt Rachel telling a story about my grandfather, Charlie Slaughter. This is from the 1975 portion of the interviews. Christine Rodgers is asking the questions. Aunt Rachel tells that my grandfather used deer skins to make heads for his banjo, but his banjo head was broken one day with no replacement available. He saw a large cat in the yard, so he killed the cat, skinned it, tanned the hide, and had it on banjo so he could play it that night. I have heard my grandfather tell the same story.

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